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From former Mexborough Grammar School student Rodney Shaw, now of California.

I can confirm that the Grammar School picture is of Form 1b from the 1948 intake, and taken during academic year 1948/49. Stan James and Brian Lawrence have identified most of the names, but might like to add Joan Fox and Gordon Daniels to the list. Stanley James and myself (hello, Stan, has it really been more than fifty-years!) were part of the same eleven-plus scholarship-class in the old Swinton Fitzwilliam schoolhouse (gas lamps, outdoor toilets), under the formidable tutelage of Miss Frances Gillett.
That year she claimed her record number of successes, more than twenty passes in the eleven-plus out of a class of thirty-plus. Most of us were allocated to Forms 1a, Ib, and 1c when we arrived at the Grammar School, which had a record intake in 1948 of around one-hundred-and-eighty new students, so there was a need for three additional classes, 1e, 1d and 1f.
Do pictures of these classes survive, I wonder?
By the time the sixth form came around in 1953, and the necessary O-level hurdles had been cleared, this same academic year was organized into the lower sixth - 6A (Arts) and 6B (Science) - and many of these same students can be recognized five years later.
I was allocated to Form 1a in 1948, and in 1953 became part of form 6B (Science).
The pictures of Form 1b and 6A (Arts) were kindly provided to me by Mollie Neale (Forms 1b, 6A), shortly before her sad death in 2008. My apologies for any wrong identification or misspellings.

PS: The picture of the academic staff that you show was actually taken on the same day as those for Forms 1a, 1b, and 1c, during the 1948/49 academic year. Your correspondents have done a great job in providing the majority of names. Here is what I believe to be a complete list, ordered into rows.

MGS Staff 1948/9

Back row: Mr Orme, Mr Kitching, Mr Roberts, Mr Gethin, Mr Hitchin, Mr Chandler, Mr Fisher, Mr Barrell, Mr Brace, Mr Worthington.
Middlle row: Miss Shelley, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Moran, Miss Carnelly, Miss Sutton, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Roberts, Miss Paley, Miss Mayne Miss Clapham, Mrs Booth, Miss Tunbridge, Mrs Thorpe (School Sec), Mrs Kitching.
Front row: Mr Hadkins, Mr Osborne, Mr Bedford, Mr Milnthorpe, Mr Way, Mr Watkinson, Miss Holt, Miss Cave, Miss Clitheroe, Miss Ginn, Miss Crowther. Miss Bunney
On ground: Mr Staniforth, Miss Rothney, Miss Arrowsmith, Mr Siddall.

Form 1a 1948/9

Back row: Trevor Savage, David Pepperle, Terence Clarke, David Holloway, Peter Penketh, David Smethhurst, Rodney Shaw, Trevor Panther, Keith Swingler, Norman Day, ‘Ginger’ Davis.
Middle row: Donald Smith, Margaret Willetts, Josephine Foulstone, Pauline Fletcher, Jean Aspinall, Kathleen Rowlands, Sheila Booth, Wendy Musgrove, Denise Howson, Clifford Beardsley.
Front Row: Patricia Alt, Ann Glossop, Muriel Peace, Ann Curtis, Ronald Kitching (music teacher), Kathleen Chaffer, ?? , Margaret White, Christine Myers.

Form 1c 1948/9.

This was not my own form, so memory is not as complete. But among the boys are Harry Moulson, Eric Eldridge, Derek Walker, Brian Tyas, Eric Wood, Keith Marriott, Brian Remmer, Eric Salmons and Alan Foulstone. The girls include Rita Whitehead, Pat Birchby, Rita Jow, Valerie Mawson, Jean Corbett, Jessie Balding, Pauline Foster, Dorothy Oakley , Bernice Sanders, Pam West, Ann Foss, Beryl Green, Pat Mitchell, Mollie Neale and Norren Mills. The teachers were Miss Rothney (gym) and Mr Tindall (metalwork).

Form 6A (Arts) 1953/4

Back row: Ann Robinson, Molly Dutchman, Patricia Alt, Wendy Fisher, Dawn Cresswell, Joy Sidebottom, Joan Fox.
Middle row: Dorothy Hadkins, Jean Aspinall, Joan Welsh, Donald Shelton, Michael Chappell, Gordon Daniels, James Carter, Pauline Green, Valerie Mawson, Molly Pierce.
Front Row: Margaret Hollock, Jesse Balding, Mollie Neale, Dorothy Chappell, Margaret Willetts, John Fisher (legendary English teacher), Ann Hewson, Margot Charity, Anthea Garbutt, Pauline Fletcher, Rita Jow.

Form 6B (Science) 1953/4

Back row: Peter Penketh, Michael Dixon, Derek Walker, Terence Clarke, Rodney Shaw, Barry Tucker, David Pepperle, Donald Smith.
Front Row:Brian Remmer, Ann Curtis, Clive Taylor, Susan Long, Mr Warren (Physics), Sheila Goodison, Brian Pikett, Christine Myers, Norman Day.

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