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Am researching my family history, and am writing if there is any information you might have which will help my enquiries. My father was Ernest Hall born 29 Schofield St., Mexborough 7.6.1929 and married Renee Etheridge in 1949, after which they immigrated to Australia in 1950/51. We have been told that my father had five brothers and one sister. His parents were Lucy (nee Smelt) and Thomas, who married about 1908 when Lucy was still a teenager and Thomas was referred to as an older man - we think it could possibly have been the second marriage for Thomas. Thomas died when my father was quite young, but Lucy survived to the age of about 70 and was apparently buried in a family plot, although we have no idea where this is. Any information would be gratefully accepted, and any family members are welcome to contact me.
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Thanks: Christine Pfingst (nee Hall)

UPDATE 2017. Hi Christine we have a possible family member called Tracy wants to get in contact with you, if you get in contact with us we can pass it on.


Hello, In trying to find an old team mate on a London University football team in 1958/59 called Geoff Moss, I came to this site as I know Geoff attended Mexborough Grammar school. Geoff Moss was at Imperial College London studying Physics from 1956 -1959. I am drawing a blank with his University friends and wondered if anybody from the Grammar school knew Geoff and had kept in contact with him. The entry for him in the Imperial College data for 1956 shows a James Geoffrey Moss. He played Goalkeeper at college. I see some former pupils from around that time have entered memories. If any body has any information I would be grateful for an answer, or a link. Kind regards, Steve Pick Richardson TX

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May 24:
Hi, I played soccer with Geoff. He usually played goalie. I remember my Dad, who watched all our matches, putting Geoff's fingers back in line when he dislocated them diving at somebody's feet. He did it more than once!! Geoff occasionally played centre forward - in fact he represented the county at both GK and CF. He married Janet Gelder. I have not seen or heard of him since he left school.
Regards, Brian Wright

From the Mike Hawthorn site
Hello, I run the Tribute site for Mike Hawthorn whom as you well know, was born in Mexborough. It's possible that a cousin of Mike's went to the Grammar School in the early 1950s according to memories of a former pupil who remembers a tall boy aged about 13 who claimed to be his cousin. Do you know if this is true or have any further information? We are aware of an Edward Grenville Hawthorn who was a cousin but not sure if this is the same person. Thanks for any help.
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Empress danceband, late 30s

Former Mexborough Grammar Schoolgirl Ciceley Bilverstone (nee Smith) has kindly sent in this photograph of her father's dance band. Ciceley, formerly of Conisbrough but now of Abingdon, explains: It was taken about 1937/8 in the Empress Ballroom in Mexborough.

My father was Les Smith and is the one on the trumpet, his brother Sam on drums. Another brother, Alf, is on the piano accordian and youngest brother John plays the double bass. The family lived at 12 John Street when they came to live in South Yorkshire. My grandfather Edwin Smith was the Musical Director at the theatre in Mexborough . Some readers may remember my Aunt, Amy Smith ,who was deeply connected with the Scout and Guide Movement in the area during the war and the late 40's and early 50's.


Harlington Road
March 2007:  A request for information from Mr Mick Brooks, who wonders if anyone has any old pictures of Harlington Road.

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Grand house

FEBRUARY 2007: Graham Humphries wrote in, asking if anyone had any pictures of a grand house in Mexborough, which was demolished around the late sixties: "I was just wondering if  the society has any photos of the old glen, and big house, which overlooked it, which was situated  on the  field which is at the junction of Herbert St and Harlington Rd. It was demolished around 1968 and the site used as landfill by Mexborough Urban District Council. I remember the great big house and gardens with fountains and orchards"

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David J. Butler writes:
 I was pleased to discover your web page today. Sometime in the past, about twelve years ago, I was in touch with the Society, concerning the presence in Mexborough of many of my family, the Butlers on my father's side and the Cramps on my mother's : for years both sides of the family lived in Lower Church Street. It was upon discovering the website and reading through it that I realised a photograph I have here will be of interest so I now attach it for your use.

The subject is the staff of flour mills which I believe were called The Don Roller Mills and owned by James White. Mr White is sitting in the middle, and on his left, wearing a bowler hat,is my grandfather Samuel Arthur Cramp ( 1875 - 1937 ) who started there as bookkeeper and later became traveller and then, when the Barnsley Co-operative Society bought the mills in 1912, S.A.Cramp left them and obtained agencies from various other mills in the district, for example Thomas Hanley and Sons in Doncaster, Hudson Ward and Company in Goole and Joseph Rank Ltd.in Hull and set up as their sales agent. Others who are identified by a note with the photograph are Ben Binch, wearing a cap, to the right of James White and the young man who is sitting on the ground and wearing a suit was probably Harry Chambers. Incidentally, several of the Butler side of my family appear on the group photograph of those helping at the Rainbow Bazaar which was organised to raise funds at Easter 1893 and I see you have reproduced it as no. 6 in your series " Buying and Selling - Commerce ". I have a fairly complete list of those on that photo and I know my list is at variance with the list published in " The South Yorkshire Times " in 1949 ( when the photo, long forgotten, came to light ) as it was painstakingly put together by my grandmother ( Mrs Charlotte Butler , 1861 - 1954 ) at my request when she mentioned to me that some of the names were incorrect in the newspaper article.

BELOW: This group photograph, taken in Mexborough, shows what appears to be a farewell party and presentation to a departing Minister. On the back of the original photograph is the inscription: 'J Drummond, Minister, August 1906'. It was found among the personal effects of Edna Alexander (nee Butler) after her death in 1995.
Included on the front row: Mrs Tom Adey, Mr William Butler, Miss Ada Jackson (later Mrs Percy Butler), Mrs William Butler. On the ground, among the children are: Wilfred Butler, Phyllis Butler (later Mrs H Crookes) and John H Butler (aged 1yr 11months); also on the front row, is Mrs John Jackson.

From Chris Dixon, Australia

Greetings from the Australian outback. My mum left Mexborough when she was 15 in WW2 because she was orphaned. I returned in 1997 and was impressed by the 90% of my very extended family who made me welcome.I love the site - loads of photos, pity we don't have names of people in them. I attach a photo of my great-granparents' family - I have all the names - Joseph and Louisa Severn. He was big in the Methodist Church, where the Lindsay Centre is now.  In the photo - L-R - Joseph, Ada (my grandmother married EVANS), Ted, Joe Junior, Jack (at top), Myra (below married SCHOLEY), Louisa (above married VENABLES), Albert (below) and Louisa.

Chris Dixon, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Can any of our readers help with this enquiry,
I was born Alyson Schofield in Rawmarsh, my ancestors lived for several generations on Warren Vale, some were baptised in Swinton, but the oldest ancestor I have found documentary proof of was John Schofield born 1771 in Mexborough (no baptism found but his father was also John). I wonder if any readers of your website may have a John Schofield 1771 in their family tree, as I am looking for details of his baptism, where he was born, and more details of his parents. I have been using Ancestry, GENUKI, Family Search and Find my past. Thank you. Alyson Mannion