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Welcome to a new section, where you can help by providing clues or answers to visitors' questions.

Please if anybody out there has any Pictures you would like to share with us about Mexborough and surrounding districts get in touch, we are always on the lookout for new and different images so we can preserve the now long gone scenes of Mexborough but are still able to relive the memories, images of any aspect of Mexbough life are most sought after so we can educate and inform the current generations and generations to come. .

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Chaucer Road
Morton Road
Woodfield Avenue
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May Queen crowning - but where?

The daughters of Mexborough Dennis' Pork Butchers proprieters have a query concerning these photographs of their mum being crowned May Queen somewhere in Mexborough.
Her name at the time was Joan Dennis, 7, High Street, Mexborough.
"We are unsure what age she was in the photograph, but we think she would be about 14. She was born in 1921, so this Metcalfe’s photograph was taken around 1935, but we are really not sure where."

If anyone can help, or has any names for others on the photo,. please email us...

Update, Alan Parkes says I would suggest that it was the school room at the chapel that was up the hill on Wath Road (Roman Terrace Hill) I remember about 1945 or 1946 going there during the Whit Walks











Information sought on Cashmore family
are there any out there? especially any that have any information of my great maiden aunt MARIA. She was born in 1881 and I have a copy of a newspaper dated 4th. June 1960 from her family acknowledging her death. I've also traced her on all Censuses and know that she is buried in Conisbrough Cemetery along with her mother (my great grandmother) and James Leatherland, her mother's 2nd. husband. She appears to have been working away in domestic service most of her life which is probably why my remaining aunt (aged 87) has no recollection of her Aunt Maria. I'm curious and would love to know more.
Please email us if you have any information we could pass on.

Heroes of the Cadeby pit disaster

This ghostly image captures some of the heroes of the Cadeby Main pit disaster of 1912. They were photographed in London outside Buckingham Palace as they were awarded life saving medals from King George V on December 16 1913.
The question is - can you name any of the people in the picture ? We have names of the recipients, but would like these gentleman to be identified. Please email us if you can help. A wonderful account of the incident can be found here.

After the grey days of black and white TV, it was a breath of fresh air to see colour TV. Promoting the Clearview vision are these employees, and our friend Keith Butcher, who loaned us the photo, wonders if anyone can put names to the faces. Email us if you can please, and we'll pass the information on.

This is a photo of Teddy Nolan, who had the ice cream cart and shop on Swinton Road, opposite the Olympia (later The Empire).
We'd like to learn a lot more about Teddy, so if you can help, please email us.
The facts we have so far: He was born in 1868 and died of TB aged 47 in 1914. He died in No 1 Swinton Road
Any further information would be welcome.

Photo courtesy of Keith Butcher.





Schofield Technical photos requested
Is it possible someone may have some photos of The Schofield Technical School in the late 1940s to 50s? I attended there between 1947 – 1950 and as I am recounting an account of my time there it would be nice to have a picture of how it was as it has long since been demolished.
Thanks in anticipation. Jack Perry.
If you can help, please email us here


Mexborough Grammar School: photos from 1949-54
Terry Bentham was a student at MGs from 1949-54, and wonders if anyone has photos from this time. The Society only has a handful, so you'd be helping us out too. If you can help, please email us here

Enquiry about a Swinton Comprehensive School master
Researching her school days led Lynda Snowden (formerly Linda Bilston, of Wath) to our site. She spotted a Mexborough Grammar School student here, called Peter Penketh, and wonders if he grew up to be the Peter Penketh who was her form teacher at the Comp many years ago. If anyone has any details, please let us know and we'll pass them on.
If you can help, please email us here

Concertina band mystery and The Cut
While archiving  issues of Mexborough's only alternative newspaper, The Cut, we came across this wonderful illustration (below right). The paper, which caused a stir in the town in the early seventies, was full of great illustrations by Derek Allport, and this one caught our eye. It shows five members of the 'Tina Club concertina band - and we have names for all of them, except the gent on the left. From the left - Unknown, Joe Jevons, Willis Watson, Archie Watson, Stan Caunter.
If you could help with his name, please drop us an email.
Our thanks to Michael Dilcock for providing a missing issue; Michael's father was the late respected police office Insp Dilcock, who was a some-time target for The Cut's barbs.
We have obtained the remainder of the newspapers courtesy of Derek, and have digitised them for our archive. And as 2012 is the 40th anniversary of the first issue, we've put a little tribute together, here

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Spot the pub!
 Another one which has us stumped. The Society has a number of photographs of local inns and pubs over the years, but a reader sent us this photo which we can't put a name to. If anyone can help please do email us. In any event, it's a wonderful photo, and a wonderful collection of flat caps and watch fobs!

UPDATE: January 2013
Dave Round, now living in North Yorkshire, emails to say he believes the pub is The Roman Hotel, before they moved the main door off the busy road to the side of the premises.

The Fisher family, and Ted Hughes
In bringing to mind a well-remembered master at  Mexborough Grammar School, David Boyd wonders if anyone could help with information about Mr Fisher's daughters.

He includes a relaxed photo of Ted Hughes (right) with Norman Nicholson and Jack Fisher.

David's literary interests can be read:
here or
here or

If you can help, please email us here

UPDATE: October 5  2011
Sue Harris emails with the following:-
I can give you a little information about both daughters but nothing definitive. His eldest daughter went to university back in 1964 or so - I do not know anything of her after leaving MGS to go to university. His youngest daughter married Paul Bloomfield (I believe that was his last name) who was in my year at MGS. My Aunt who lived in Mexborough all her life and died earlier this year told me years ago that the youngest daughter unexpectedly died of pneumonia. I think this had to be at least 30 years ago if not more.  I assume he is now dead, but in turn, if you know anything of him after retiring from MGS I would be interested to know.

I would appreciate any info on Jack Fisher after retirement - he was impressive to all he taught.  I was bon in Mexborough and lived there from 1947 to about 1965. Don't ever let them tear down the Empress Ballroom and the movie theater next to it - the Empress looked exactly the same inside as when I used to dance in it and the movie theater was my first, having gone there on Saturday afternoons to watch Flash Gordon among other things, and very often in the company of Tony Capstick , of whose passing I was sorry to learn recently.

October 11  2011: We have it on authority that both of Mr Fisher's daughters are now deceased, the surviving one passing away in 2011 - Webmaster

Where was Corner Pin Yard, Swinton?
This next query concerns Swinton. Does anyone know where Corner Pin Yard was? We have an address on a birth certificate in 1888 for '109 Corner Pin Yard', but it's proving difficult to locate where this address was.
If you can help, please email us here:

UPDATE: October 3  2011
Consensus among our experts seems to place the yard in the Swinton Bridge area, in a small pocket of crowded housing  as indicated on the map


What does DDSS stand for?
A reader came across this rare photo of Conisbrough D.D.S.S. F.C. taken on the Welfare Field in Conisbrough 1910. "Two names I have - the man with the pocket watch with hat on and his hand on the footballer knelt down James Preston, and son Arthur Preston from Mexborough.  What I would like to know is, what  D.D.S.S. stands for.?"

If you can help, please email us here:


UPDATE: January  2012
Lynda Snowden believes DDSS stands for National Federation of Discharged and Disabled ex-Servicemen's Society, sounds good to us!


If you have any questions - or indeed answers - please contact us.