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25th October 2017
Maisbeli - A Battle that Decided the Fate of a Nation.
David Senior gives an insight into the fierce and bloody battle between the Saxons and the Roman Empire which took place just outside Mexborough in about 640AD.

29th November 2017

A Tribute to the Late Ron James.
A look at the life of Ron James, Photographer, Videographer and Researcher, a much loved friend of the Mexborough Heritage Society, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

31st January 2018
The Mexborough Hippodrome
Mike O'Brien takes an irreverent look at the time when Mexborough had its own Palace of Varieties - The Hippodrome, and some of the greats who performed there. Warning - Mike may burst into song at any point during this event.

28th February 2018
South Yorkshire Chartists and the Mexborough Connection
Ian Parks examines Mexborough and Soth Yorkshire's contribution to the 19th Working Class Chartist Movement

Talks are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.15p.m. at: The Concertina Club, Mexborough.