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MAY 2015
Online ancestry tool is still available at Mexborough library - FREE

The premier website used by people researching their family history. Ancestry.com,  is still available at Mexborough and other libraries totally free.
Making the announcement,
Clare O'Brien said "Doncaster Libraries have subscribed to Ancestry.Com. This will mean that all our public PCs across all the branches will have Free full access to the Ancestry Library Edition. It offers a wide and diverse variety of unique content from around the world allowing you to trace your family history. 
The site can be accessed from any public PC with a library membership. 
Local Studies & Archives staff are available to answer any questions regarding this online service"
Clare  O'Brien is  Community Development Manager, Customer Strategy & Development, Neighbourhoods & Communities

NOTE: To use a computer you have to be a member of DMBC Libraries and produce your card on arrival. The type of Ancestry.Com which has been obtained by the Library Services is one of the most advanced available and is usually one of the most expensive. As many people are studying their family tree, Ancestry.Com will be very popular. Although there are a number of computers at Mexborough library, the staff suggest that a computer be booked prior to arrival at the library, by telephone. Please don't forget that, as with using all computers in the libraries of DMBC, to use a computer for the first hour is free, but is 1.20 per hour thereafter.
Contact details: Mexborough Library - tel
01709 582037
email: mexborough.library@doncaster.gov.uk


This trackless photo from Keith Butcher caused a bit of a stir when we asked 'Where was it taken?'
Now, with the help of Ron James (who used to ride on that route regularly), reader Pete Lyon and our archivist Julia Ashby, we have pinpointed the location to Welfare Avenue, Conisbrough (off Old Road). As confirmation, compare it to this recent Google Streets view.
Thank you for all your ideas.

LEFT: Old photograph....... and right,  a modern Google view of Welfare Avenue, Conanby

Site of the excavation, February 11 2010

Site of the excavation, February 11 2010   A similar view, with the theatre right foreground.
Men working on the forecourt of the former Job Centre (latterly a mobility supply business) on High Street recently uncovered an underground construction. This has caused quite a stir in the town, with passers-by intrigued as to its history.
Our archivist Julia Ashby has discovered the following: "The grey brick portion of the trench, part of which abuts the red brick, is modern, installed on the construction of the premises which later became the Mobility Centre. Whereas the red brick is part of the exterior wall of
the Hippodrome. Study of the red bricks has revealed that the theatre was partly, constructed using bricks from Mexborough Brickworks, Dolcliffe Road, Mexborough. Also as there is much of his signature black mortar on display, that it was constructed by George Henry Smith. Excising whitewash, on the red brick, suggests that, what has been excavated, may be part of the passage which led to the dressing rooms beneath the area where the audience sat. It was filled in on Wed. 17th Feb. 2010 awaiting the construction of an extension to the premises which were once the Mobility Centre."

OCTOBER 2006: Part of the town's past was uncovered by builders working on a community project. A carved stone, from 1889, part of the facade of a former Methodist School, was revealed at the former Walters' Photographic Studio on Dolcliffe Road. Cost of removal would be a prohibitive 3,000+, so the Community Partnership have kindly agreed to amend their plans slightly and leave the stone in situ, though it has now been covered again with new cladding.

Click on the picture for a larger view