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The response to our survey of Mexborough area memorials has been so positive, we have decided to expand the coverage to towns of the Dearne area; our communities are so closely linked, it is only fitting to also honour the fallen of Bolton, Goldthorpe, Hickleton and Thurnscoe.       Our gratitude to Ian Harber who compiled this section so the sacrifice of local people could be honoured.

In honoured memory of the old boys of this school who fell in the Great War.

E Bailey
F.R Beaumont
J Bell
E.J Blenkinsop
J D Blenkinsop D.C.M
C Blenkinsop
J Braddock
F.H. Cave
H Cave
C Cooke
D Conville
F.G. Dawson
J Dickinson
S Dickinson
S Dickinson
P Dyson
J.W. Earnshaw
  K Grey
T Harris
H Harris
C.R. Harrison
H.M.M Hawksworth
J Heavey
P.V Hurrell
W Jackson
F Jackson
T Kay
W Law
R Lyon
C.W. Marshall
F Owen
W Pocklington
A.C. Swallow
J.T. Swallow
R Swallow
C.F. Senior
H Trickett
W Trickett

W Unthank
A.C. Unwin

A Watson
E Westerman

A Harrison
M Hatfield
F Henshaw
F Hepton
F Hodgkinson
G Hooks
W Knighton
F Laynes
J Mangham
A Martin
J Martin
W Mitchell
S Morton
S Ogley
W Parkin
I Phillips
G Porthouse
E Richardson
A Rodgers
H Ryalls
J.A. Sanderson
J Shakespeare
W Shallcross
G Simms
J Smith
W Southall
L Spencer
H Taylor
T Trueman
C Turrier
G Westerman
E Whitehouse
J Wilkes
A Wilson
Ern Wilson
E.D. Wilson
F Woodcock
P.T. Wright
Pte C.H.Glaswell K.O.Y.L.I.
L/C Ernest Fripp
Pvt H Smith
Cpl John Tucker
Pvt Herbert Smith
Ab.A.B Watson
Pte J Parham
A Allington
J Allington
C Barnes
F Barber
H Bartle
C Beattie
W Blackburn
S Blackwell
H Booth
H Briggs
F Burgoyne
J.W. Burgoyne
G Burrows
J Carr
J Coburn
T Conroy
W.H Conroy
  H Cotterill
W.H. Crooks
J Cunliffe
J Cutts
E Davies
J.C. Davis
J Davison
T Deakin
J Dixon
I Dobson
J Dolby
R.S. Elwood
T Fletcher
A Gibbons
J Gill
J Glover
J Goldthorpe
F Gosling
G Gosling
J Hacket
J Hague

L/C W.A. Buchanan

Pvt Harry Brown


Hms Repulse
P.O Stoker T Farley R.N
Age 26
Gnn J. Ipwell R.A Malaya

1982 Falklands
W02. L Gallagher

Pte V Allington
Pte J Athron
Gnr W Bennison
Sgt J Bladen
Pte D Champion
Flt Sgt F Chadbourne
Pte R.H. Clarkson
Gnr J Crackles
A.B. J Beet??
Lsgt W.H. Fletcher
L Cpl F.W.Glaswell
Sgt J Glover
Pte G Goldthopre
Gnr G Hands
Lac G.H. Harrison
Pte E Hewitt A.T.S.
Flt Sgt T.R.Higgins
Gnr D Hill
Spr G Hirst
Ab R L Holland
Sgt J Hooley
Pte G.C Hooper
Dvr A Jones
Flt Sgt S Jones
Lac R Latham
Pte W Lawton
Flt Sgt C Love
Gnr L Marsden
Dvr T Mchugh
Sgt A MortimerGdsn A Moulton
Sgt J.F Norris
Ab T Norton
Pte J Patterson
Pte T Patterson
Dvr C PenningtonPte J.A. Pickering
Maj S.F. Rayner
Spr J Robinson
Ab R Rodgers
Gnr W Smart
Pte C Smith
Pte W Smith
Tpr J.I. Snedker
Gdsn E Stonehouse
Pte R.C. Street
Sgt R Walker
Spr L.B Ward
L Cpl W.A. Wilcox
Dvr J Wilkinson
Sgt F Wilks
Gnr T Wilks
Ab H Wilson
Cpl A Winter
Gnr A Brown
A B H Hudson
Dvr T Johnson
Ab A.R. Dunn R N
Dvr B Walton R.A.S.C
Hayes J
Law M.A
Unthank W

Armitage J.E
Bailey A
Bailey W
Bellamy C.H.
Bills C.L.
Bowater J
Bunting S
Butler S
Clarke D
Claterworth J
Cooper W
Crossland E
Cruise T
Cullingworth S
Dennis A
Ellis G.H
Fisher J
Foster G
Glaswell E
Gratton J
Griffiths D
Grundy S
Hallows G
Hamilton D
Handley A
Chivers F
Dunn A
Sharman J
Hayes J
Hollingworth J
Hayes F
Hyde W
Jackson L
Jones A
Kerry A
Lenton G
Longden G
Margesson G
Patrick W
Pendlebury E
Phillips J
Roebuck R
Rook G
Sales L
Sharman E
Shaw B
Shepherd W
Swindells L.W.
Tarmey A
Wall G.E
Warner H
Webster H
Whitfield J.J
Allen W
Andrews J.S.
Appleyard J.S
  Barber J
Beardsley J
Blackburn G.H
Blanchard H
Blunt L
Brammah E
Brooke T.R
Bullock R
Cartwright G
Cave H
Chapman A
Chapman G
Childs R
Clarke F
Collier C
Collier J
Collier J.T.
Cooper F
Cooper R.W
Corbutt J
Cotterall J H
Coulson J.E
Crawshaw L
Griddle A
Cutts J
Dennis J.E.
Denton T
Dodd G
Dolan W
Duffield A
Eagles G
Earnshaw J.W
Elliott J
Else J
Epton F
Eton J
Evans R
Feast P.F
Finney F
Froggatt S
Fudge J
Glasswell H
Gower T
Grainger J
Groves H
Guest G.H
Haines C
Hall J
Hardinge W
Harris S
Holliday F
Hutchinson A
Ince F
Ingham E
Jackson F
Jefferies A
Jeffrey W.T
Keeton J
Kyte J
Lewis C.I
Lidgett E
Lloyd T
Marshall C
Marshall T.B
May S
Mcloughlin M
Mitchell W.E
Morris J
Mountford G
Naylor G
Oliver H
Parker T.W
Parkes F
Parkes J
Patrick J
Perry J
Petch W
Pounder J
Probert A.E
Probert W
Reynolds E
Revill W
Riley O
Robinson H
Smallcross W
Smith H
Stones G.H
Stonehouse T
Stott L
Swift J
Turner H
Wassell E.A
Watts A.H.S.
Whitney G.W
Willetts T
Waldron E
Yates G.A
In remembrance of those who enlisted from this place, most of whom went overseas to fight for their King and country in the Great War of 1914 - 18

Archie Acomb
Frederick Andrews
Herbert Atkinson
Frank Ball   Killed
Arthur Ball
George Ball
George Cocking
John Cyril Dalton
Paul Dalton
James Dixon
George Ford
John William Garbutt
Reginald Gould
Claude Harker
Lawrence Heptenstall
Harry Heptenstall
Herbert Hibbird
Thomas Hunt
Harry Johnstone
Charles Kent
Jack Linton
George Linton
Charles Lockwood
Ralph Leslie Mackridge   Killed
Wilfred Parker
Percy Rogers
Harry Salkeld
Albert Smeaton
Joseph Ernest Smith
George Stables
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stoneham
John William Sykes
James Sykes    Killed
Herbert Teale    Killed

William Teale
Frank Turner
Sidney Walters  Killed
Arthur Wenman
John Wenman
William Wenman
Hon Edward Wood
George Benjamin Wood
John Henry Wordsworth