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Mexborough Market Street area
There was good news and bad news when planners decided Mexborough needed a bypass: it took a growing flow of traffic out of the narrow town centre and allowed shoppers improved access.
But it also saw buildings of character and purpose demolished and buried in the name of progress.
Apart from the homes along its route which fell to the developers in the 70s, there was a stretch of land from the old market hall to the start of Church Street which was utterly destroyed.
Market Street and Oxford Road were home to two key buildings in the town, the police station, and fire station, as well as a fine methodist church, and at one time a picture house.
The market had grown  too big for its location next to the Montagu Arms, and had spawned stalls on the other side of Station Road, adjacent to the market hall. And there was a row of retail premises opposite which included a popular record and joke shop.
These photographs capture the character of that area.



Looking towards Bank Street from Market Street, with the market hall centre left.
A flight of steps led from between the shops on the right to Bank Street via garages.
Note the market stalls middle left.

A similar view, which also shows the new Oxford Road Church.

The fire station.

From Colin Milford: Looking at the picture has brought back many memories, the joke shop was a favourite of many children in the area, where we bought stink bombs i ndoor fireworks and many other things that we probably were not supposed to have, next door was my aunt's ladies hairdressing salon .
At the time I was living in Glasshouse Lane, where my mum also  ran a hairdressing salon in the front room, another part of Mexborough that has disappeared in the name of progress (or corporate vandalism, as I tend to call it) .
It was a proud town in those days: it had a High Street that you could walk in at one end stark naked , and walk out the other, clothed, shod and carrying the week's groceries to boot!
Three cinemas -  The Empire, Majestic and Royal, a ballroom where you could dance the night away,  an indoor and outdoor market .
But best of all for us kids, we had a resident fairground from November through to the week before Easter.
I now live in Gloucestershire, a long way from Mexborough, where I lived from 1948 to 1964, but the place will always be part of me. May 2012