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Rockingham Theatre Cards

Artist Derek Allport has once again used his considerable talents to bring to life the people who continued the town's theatrical traditions.
In the 1970's almost everyone in Mexborough and district was enjoying the delights of the Jesters Nightclub. New and established entertainers (some sadly on their way down) appeared there.

There was also another smaller but excellent entertainment venue at the former Schofield Street School known as the Rockingham Theatre. Geoff Sargieson, then a senior producer for Radio Sheffield and leader of the theatre group had a full programme of plays, comedy and musical performances which had a smaller but discerning audience.

Geoff had two theatres at the former school. One was a theatre in the round, and the other had a music hall proscenium - a polystyrene set which Geoff acquired from Sheffield Playhouse. He produced 'Live at the Rockingham Theatre' shows for Radio Sheffield and featured some of the finest of entertainers including many who are still performing. .

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Introduction to the Rockingham series

Michael Cooke

Bernard Wrigley

John Leonard

Christy Moore

Tony Capstick

Barry Hines

Peter Armitage


Alun Armstrong

Pat Powell

Keith Powell

Ron Geesin

Vin Garbutt

Ted Hughes poetry

Chris Eusden


Ken Griffin

Jake Thackray

Jonathan Kelly

The Company

This concludes this series - April 2014