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Maps offer a glimpse of Mexborough in the Fifties

December 2012
A collection of maps donated to the Society has preserved a view of the town from over half a century ago.

Ordnance Survey maps from 1958 have been given to the town's archive by chartered surveyor David J Bingham, of Notts-based Herbert Button & Partners.

And they capture a time when the Manvers plant was the biggest in Europe, when the town was a fraction the size it is now, and before the dual-carriageway relief road saw swathes of housing mown down.

It's like looking at a 50s version of Google Maps, and with only a litle imagination, and memories for those of us old enough to remember, the town of 54  years ago is brought back to life.

While we have photographs of specific areas, this is the first time we have had such a wide-ranging overview of how the town looked just over a decade after the war. The scale is such that individual house plots can be seen, and some house names recorded.

These maps have been digitised for easy reference, and are available to view in the usual way.

Clicking on an album photo will open up an enlargement and caption.


Part of the Manvers complex


A section of Adwick

The start of Wath Road

Homes around Hartley Street

Dolcliffe Rd / Park Rd

Site of the former Police and fire stations.