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Celebrating the great entertainers who took centre-stage at
Mexborough Hippodrome

Artist Derek Allport has been busy capturing the stars of yesteryear who who have brought joy and laughter to our forebears.
Like many provincial theatres in the country, Mexborough Hippodrome attracted the biggest names in entertainment.
You can be sure 'House Full' notices were up when any of the following top names came to town.
Derek has fashioned his drawings as cards - a bit like the ones they gave away in cigarette packs, or with tea. In time he hopes to have around two score, so check back to see who else has joined his Hall of Fame.

Clicking on a card will open up an enlargement.


Introduction to the series


Florrie Forde

George Robey

Tommy Hanley

Lily Elsie

Walford Bodie


Tod Slaughter


Little Titch


Jack Pleasants

Wilson, Kepple & Betty

Stainless Stephen

Samuel Franklyn Cody

Norman Evans

Bransby Williams

Gracie Fields

Sam Livesey

Clara Butt

George Formby Snr.

Harry Houdini

The Great Carmo

Dan Leno.

Verdy Popple

Horace Hillerby

Charlie Chaplin

Coming soon - Rockingham Theatre Cards

In the 1970's almost everyone in Mexborough and district was enjoying the delights of the Jesters Nightclub. New and established entertainers (some sadly on their way down) appeared there.

There was also another smaller but excellent entertainment venue at the former Schofield Street School known as the Rockingham Theatre. Geoff Sargieson, then a senior producer for Radio Sheffield and leader of the theatre group had a full programme of plays, comedy and musical performances which had a smaller but discerning audience. Geoff had two theatres at the former school. One was a theatre in the round, and the other had a music hall proscenium - a polystyrene set which Geoff acquired from Sheffield Playhouse.
He produced 'Live at the Rockingham Theatre' shows for Radio Sheffield and featured some of the finest of entertainers including many who are still performing.

This will be a set of 15-20 cards.