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Seven thousand school photos donated to society

These photographs are a tiny fraction of an amazing collection which has just been given to the Heritage Society.
The photos, covering several decades, were given to us by former Mexborough Grammar School teacher John Law. Over a number of weeks he painstakingly spent his breaks photographing boxes of school photos, which were in transit as the old Maple Road premises were about to disappear to make for the new school.
Having got the school's permission, and that of Paul Walters - whose professional photographer father took many of the formal class portraits over the years - he has passed them on to us. There are 7,000 individual pictures, and they form a catalogue of pupils stretching back to almost the turn of the last century.
John, now retired, was a Wath Grammar School pupil, and is well-known for his expertise in ornithology and botany.
Having taken the copies, he has no idea if the collection survived the move of premises, but by preserving the images, he has ensured the town retains a real treasure-trove of social history.

Oh - and I chose several of the photos because they show my former classmates from St John's C of E School.
Peter Lee , April 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: This collection has been added to the Heritage archive for safe-keeping and research only.
We are unable to supply any copies of the photos, though people are welcome to view the archive by arrangement.

Clicking on an album photo will open up an enlargement.


A third form around 1966


A third form around 1966

A third form around 1966

A third form around 1966

A first form around 1966

Common Room recreation

Colourful shot of staff

Early days

In the groove