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The Mexborough and District Heritage Society website has a new home.

We have relocated to a new area in order to start afresh with a clean new website.

However this site will remain as an archive for the forseeable future as there is a wealth of media and articles here which we want to remain available to anyone who is interested.

Over time this site will be merged more fully with the new one, and all resources available at the same address.

In the meantime, have patience, and keep up to date through the new site, or our facebook page

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Newsletter highlights

Armistice Weekend
How the town marked this landmark date.

Earlier Newsletters
Browse articles from the
recent past

Newsletter archive
Available newsletters are now on line

Memories from 1915
Golden couple's potteries links.

Readers' contributions
Memories and more in our lively feedback section.

Mexborough Grammar
Reminiscences and photos - the best years of their lives?

A vanished terrace
Family life captured in a slideshow of a long-demolished row of houses.

The chance to examine one of our archive treasures in greater detail.

 Grammar School album
Moire than 7,000 form photos have been added to our archive

NEW  Artist highlights area's characters
Derek Allport turns his wry attention to Mexborough's characters.

Sculptor to the Queen honoured

History board is unveiled in Mexborough.
Football memories from the 60s

A  football match between Mexborough refs and Miners' Arms FC.

Worthies of Mexborough greats
Derek Allport adds to his gallery of local greats.
Recalling  Rockingham Theatre.
Derek  recalls the people who entertained Mexborough folk.
PLUS Mexborough Jesters remembered
Derek Allport's new series of exclusive artwork and insight..

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Photo features
Including essays on the Parish Church, Market Street, Dr S P Bhatia and much more.

High Street video
A rare glimpse in colour of  Mexborough before pedestrianisation

 Video: giants tumble
Video footage of the demolition of Mexborough's twin cooling towers.
Adwick Road School
..and more. More family photos are added to our archive, including staff at Woolworths' from 1941.

Pottery heritage
Expert Graham Oliver sheds light on the area's rich ceramic past with a series of in-depth articles.

The ultimate sacrifice
The names of the fallen from two World Wars

 MGS memories
We are pleased to have been asked to add a quite recent memoir to our archive; it is from the late Horace Stokes, kindly provided by his daughter. In it he vividly recalls his schoolboy days at Mexborough Grammar School in the 30s as a scholarship boy. Here is part of his story...

 The Cut at 40: a celebration
The Cut was brash, daring, fun and a breath of fresh air for Mexborough, and it�s still fondly remembered even today.

It�s exactly 40 years since this inspired monthly swipe at authority and champion of local Arts hit the streets, and this irreverent mag has earned its place in our ongoing archive.

Click here to find out how it all began, and enjoy some of the brilliant artwork which brought Mexborough people to life...

RELATED:  Rockingham Theatre recalled
RELATED:  The Jesters remembered.
 Free book download
Mr Roy Huggins, Head of History at Mexborough School, has generously offered to share his research and study aid focusing on Conisbrough Castle.
 Tribute to a much-loved school master
Mexborough Grammar School teacher John Fisher is remembered by former pupil David Smart.

Our lives, our ancestors...
This is our latest publication - The People of Mexborough, The photographs are taken from the archives of the Society, some of which are from the Leonard Harrop Collection, added to and preserved by our late President, Norman Watson, a well-known Mexborough teacher.
Other illustrations come from postcards and purchases at antique fairs and the internet; others have been donated by local businesses, individuals and families. This is a �snapshot� of what is available in the archives and it was a difficult choice selecting pictures which justified their inclusion to the exclusion of others.
Check here for price and availability.
A journalist's-eye-view of the town

Ex-South Yorkshire Times journalist Bob Tomlinson recalls some of the characters he met during his time here.
Mystery photo album
An album bought in Gloucestershire features Mexborough folk from the Edwardian era.
From pit lad to Mayor
The extraordinary record of a boy made good...
Making our own entertainment
Recalling the rich vein of talent in Mexborough..
Heritage Centre makes its mark
A new resource for anyone interested in the past.
Garden Street Infants c.1953
A lively photo of school children has been given to the society - can you name anyone on it?
Fun on the ferry
With the help of a short movie clip we look at Mexborough's ferry.
A rare shot of High Street, 1907
Then and now - a recent acquisition to our photo archive.

Detailed maps donated
A detailed view of Mexborough in the 50s is provided by a series of fascinating Ordnance Survey maps.

The New Mason's Arms recalled
Memories, and stunning photographs, of one of the town's top social venues.
Growing up in Mexborough

Former Grammar School student Brian Wright chronicles his life.

Preserving the past - with your help
If you have any photographs or documents which you think may be of interest to the society, please get in touch. The archive, while invaluable as a resource for anyone with an interest in Mexborough history, is also a way of preserving the past for generations to come. Your photos, videos or documents will be treated with the utmost care and will be returned promptly after copying. As you can see from the site, we cover history from the very early days of the community right up to recent years. So if you have photos of people and places now gone which you would like to share, please get in touch. This also includes any video footage you may have, or film transferred to tape or DVD.