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  A growing number of
  in-depth features from
  Mexborough Heritage
  Society resources.

These picture essays bring
   together photographs from the
   society archive with facts
   about the past - and also
   Mexborough's recent history,
   to develop a broad picture
   of life as it has developed, and
   continues to evolve,  in the

    If you have any memories or
    photographs to share, please
    let us know.






















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Remembering the fallen of two world wars.

Our list now includes Mexborough, Swinton  Conisbrough, Manvers, Denaby, Barnburgh, Barron's and Adwick-on-Dearne.

Town centre, 1950
Police photographs which show how life has changed in just 50 years.
Pottery heritage
Member Graham Oliver's papers shedding light on the area's rich ceramic past.

Vanished Mexborough
Family photos reveal a terrace flattened in the Sixties.

Market Street area
Once a thriving and important area which was  demolished in the 70s for the relief road project. 
A GP who won the hearts of a community
Profile of Dr S P Bhatia, a man who devoted himself to the physical and spiritual well-being of the people of Mexborough.
Montagu Hospital
How the town's treasured hospital came about.


Barron's Glassworks
The life and times of
a leading industrialist
Mexborough Parish Church
Old photographs and a history of St John's
Methodist schoolroom, Dolcliffe Road
A remarkable record of change, by Paul Walters

Famous son honoured
A plaque is unveiled in Mexborough to mark the life of Formula 1 racing ace Mike Hawthorn. We have pictures, reports of the speeches, and videos of the event here..

Drama at Mexborough Grammar School
Essay contributed by Rodney Shaw.

Trackless memories
Golden couple's memories
From the Mexboro' Times of 1915

 More will be added as time goes on, so please check back 

 Last updated: January 1 2007