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Hello, In trying to find an old team mate on a London University football team in 1958/59 called Geoff Moss, I came to this site as I know Geoff attended Mexborough Grammar school. Geoff Moss was at Imperial College London studying Physics from 1956 -1959. I am drawing a blank with his University friends and wondered if anybody from the Grammar school knew Geoff and had kept in contact with him. The entry for him in the Imperial College data for 1956 shows a James Geoffrey Moss. He played Goalkeeper at college. I see some former pupils from around that time have entered memories. If any body has any information I would be grateful for an answer, or a link. Kind regards, Steve Pick Richardson TX

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May 24:
Hi, I played soccer with Geoff. He usually played goalie. I remember my Dad, who watched all our matches, putting Geoff's fingers back in line when he dislocated them diving at somebody's feet. He did it more than once!! Geoff occasionally played centre forward - in fact he represented the county at both GK and CF. He married Janet Gelder. I have not seen or heard of him since he left school.
Regards, Brian Wright

From the collection of
Brian Wright

Former Mexborough man Brian Wright, whose grandparents used to own a shop in town, has written from his home in Sedbergh and included some photographs: He writes..

I am currently trying to write a journal of all the things we did as lads in the 1950s in the Mexborough area being brought up on Browning road we played all over the area and the fields etc. down the Dog Daisy field, Stoney Desert, Iron Bridge, fishing in the Bowbroom cut and Potteries pond, train spotting not to mention lots of sport-- cricket , football, tennis at Mexborogh Athletic club and Harlington lane; scouting, the Church choir and servers.

BELOW - pictures from the Grammar School centenary celebration, 2004.


















































































































A tribute to John Fisher here

Two photographs from MGS old boy Les Adlington, One is of the 1949/50 Under 14 football side and the other of Form 2A in 1948/49
Click here to see them (opens in new window)

These two pictures are of us when we appeared on Granada TV in a programme supposed to be for young people "We want an answer" The guest was Morgan Phillips then secretary of the Labour party. I often wonder what the likes of him would make of this current lot!!

The cricket team is at MGS. I am still in email touch with 4 of them and used to meet another when he came up here on holidays. G D Howard, chemistry, (on right) is living in retirement in Wales apparently. One of our email group plans to visit him soon. George Siddall, PE, I dont know anything about.

The above photo is a group of us from 7th Don & Dearne taken in Derbyshire. We had been to Sheffield cathederal in the morning to support David Saunders as he was ordained priest. I met up with David again when I taught his son in Grimsby when David was vicar of Caistor. Since coming up here I have re-found Rev James Metcalf, formerly vicar of Mexborough, who actually married us. Small world isn't it.
Brian Potts adds the following (December 2013): Pictured from left to right Brian Wright, Derek Hibberd, Brian Potts, Mike Lea, Dave Morley, Bert Hanson,
Jammy Hartley

This football team could be the South Yorkshire Times team just before the war. My uncle, Doug Fowler, is seated just behind the goalkeeper. He lives in Adwick on Dearne. On the front row at the left as you look the player looks spit and image of Noel Senior with whom I was at MGS. Any info on the photo would be welcome.
UPDATE March 2011- a former printer and member of the Society has supplied the following names: Back row L-R ?, ?, Alec Morley, Cyril Smith, ?, ?, ?, Albert Foster, Fred Johnson

If you can contribute any further information about any of the pictures, we would be happy to pass it on to Brian, and if you have any photographs to share, please get in touch

Grammar School, late 40s

Hi from another Mr Wright.
Having read the article by Mr Wright on his memories of the Grammar school ,the attached photograph may revive some other memories.
It is of class 1b in, I think 1947/48; the form teacher was I believe Mr Staniforth. I am seated bottom left corner but have no idea who the others are.
I was born in Swinton but we moved to Mexborough in 1946.I attended Doncaster Road school until moving to the Grammar school .I attended there from the age of 11 until 15 1/2 when I left in February 1952 to take up an apprenticeship with the Army.
After 27 years service I retired to West Wales where I now reside. I belonged to the scout troop attached to St John the Baptist Church (which I think was the 7th Don and Dearne troop) from the age of 11 until I joined the army though I did attend a scout camp at Bilton Grange Harrogate in the summer or 1952 when I was on leave.
Our scout hut was at the side of the church and we held gang shows in the hall. I think the scout leader was called Mr Chip and his assistant Bert ?? . Sadly I have no photographs of my scouting days or of my time living in Mexborough.
I have one other photograph of my elder sisters Grammar school form taken I think in the same year if it is of interest. A couple of weeks ago I made a pilgrimage to Swinton and Mexborough to visit relatives and relive the days of my youth. Much has now changed of course, the fields I played in are now housing estates, the house I was born in 27 Rowms Lane Swinton is no more. Still it revived many happy memories and maybe I will return again one day. If anyone can add any information on the scout troop or the Grammar school members I would be delighted to hear of it.
Regards John Wright

Update September 2009 On studying the photo further I can add a few more names to form 1d 1947/8. I am 4th from left back row, next is Bill Corney then Tim Brookshaw. John Wadsworth is 4 th from the end.

Girls standing include Dorothy White 3rd from left and Molly Dutchman 2nd from right. Margot Charity is seated 1st left. Somewhere in there is Frank Skinner who was the top of the form in my year and Lillian Atkins neither of whom I can identify. I would mention that the 3 girls mentioned plus myself all came from Swinton Fitzwilliam School under Fanny Gillett. The dreaded Gaffer (Frank) Ward was our Headmaster
Stan James

RESPONSE: Brian Wright writes... Yes the teacher is Mr Staniforth, he taught me physics in first year at MGS. He apparently used to buy his wife new gadgets so he could dismantle them to see how they worked! The scout master at 7th Don and Dearne was Bert Hanson. He had been with the Chindits in Burma during the second world war. A great character. I remember Mr Chip eating some maggots that had been found in the porrage oats so that the pot of porrage shouldn't be wasted!! I also remember attending a Beetle Drive at the Chips' house I won the booby prize---  astick of rock!  PS Bert Hanson is the person in the forground of the group from the 7 D&D, one with the beard
Brian also sent in the picture below:
The attached photo was taken at camp in Austwick. Bert Hanson, with beard, is at the back, George Bungard (Crusher  Senior Scout Master) front left, Brian Potts man standing right centre and I'm sitting front with Little David Morely sat on my knee. The lady is Mrs Hanson and Bert is holding their daughter. Len (Jammie) Hartley is next to the hand in the air. Unfortunately the rest of the group I cannot remember.

Update June 2009. Re John Wright's photo. The streaming system after the first year exams, resulted in a change of form. John Wright was in my year commencing 1947/8. He was in 1 D initially, then I believe like myself, went into 2 beta. In the photo I'm standing 4th from the left on the back row. I recall Alan Hawkins who is sitting on the ground  2nd from the right. The girl standing 3rd from right was named Celia but can't recall her surname.
At one time, George Siddall (P T & Sports) lived in Manor Rd., Swinton. His father collected our rates which I guess would have been monthly. How times have changed.
If John reads this Hi Lefty - Stan James

Update August 2009  With reference to the photograph of Mr Staniforth's Class, I believe that the year was 1948-49. I am standing 3rd from the left in the back row. Other that I can remember are Trevor Brookshaw (rear row centre) John Wadsworth (rear row third from right) and Brian Tonks (rear row second from the right). I also think that on the front row seated are Les Haythorne (third from right) and Harry Pearson (right end). I can remember the entire list of boys names in the class but (sorry girls) can only remember Avril Smith, Pam Smith, Rosemary Godber and Margot Charity. The full list of boys in the class was Trev Brookshaw, Bill Corney, Alan Hawkins, Les Haythorne, Stan James, Brian Lawrence, Howard Moxon, Neil Murgatroyd, Harry Pearson, ? Phillips, Brian Pikett, ? Skinner, Brian Tonks, Barry Tucker, John Wadsworth, Terry(?) Whitfield and John Wright. Hope this might jog a few more memories and help identify the others  - Brian Lawrence

UPDATE May 2010: " Good day, I was amazed when Googling for Alan Hawkins to come across the MSG photo, I am rear row 3rd from right.  I was able to recognise Alan Hawkins, Brian Tonks and Trevor Brookshaw. I left England for S Africa early in the school year 1951, and am now retired in Cape Town. If anyone would like to chat, my email address is johnwads@telkomsa.net   Congratulations on your website, extremely enjoyable.  John Wadsworth

UPDATE December 2013: " The picture taken at Austwick shows a small child on Brian Wright's knee incorrectly called David Morely, as you can see from the 7th Don & Dearne outing photo earlier in the article,  David would be about 12st and 4 years older than Brian" . Brian Potts

Former Mexborough Grammar School student Rodney Shaw has added to our photo collection with the addition of four form photographs - namely Form 1a 1948/9; Form 1c 1948/9; Form 6A (Arts) 1953/4 and Form 6B (Science) 1953/4. To avoid this thread lengthening too much, we have put Rodney's contribution on a new page, which you can see by clicking here.

BELOW: A photograph of the Mexborough Grammar School teachers from the late 1940's. The only name I think I remember is a Mr Siddall seated bottom right. Maybe some one can put more names to faces . John Wright (Mexborough Grammar 1947-52)

UPDATE - May 1 2008: Mr Brian Wright got in touch with the following..  I can remember some of the staff who were still at MGS in the 1950s when I started. Back row: 4 gents on the left Mr Orme (geog), Mr Kitching (music), Mr Roberts (geog), Mr Gethin( English), 4th from right Mr Fisher (English). Middle row; 2nd from left Mrs Roberts( DSc), 4th from right Mrs Booth (French), 2nd from right Mrs Morris (secretary). Front row left Mr Hadkins (Deputy &g eog) Mr Osborne(physics) centre Mr Watkinson (head), 4th from right Miss Clitheroe (history), 3rd from right Miss Ginn (English and speech). The gent seated on left could be a young Mr Staniforth( see John Wright's photo above) he taught me physics in my first year 1950/51.

Editor's note: if you have any memories, please email the Society. We are always happy to share pictures and reminiscences.


UPDATE August 2008 : from John Badham - I have just seen the MGS staff photograph of 1949. I attended the school from September 1946 (just after it had changed its name from Mexborough Secondary School) to July 1951. With some help from a contemporary class- mate, I can fill in a few gaps in Brian Wright's list.
Standing 3rd from the right in the back row is Mr. Barrell. In the middle row, 3rd and 4th from the left are are Mrs. Moran (Latin) and Miss Carnelly, 5th from right is Miss Clapham (Maths) and at the right hand end of the row is Mrs. Kitching.
Seated 3rd, 4th and 5th from the left in the front row are Mr. Bedford, Mr. Milnthorpe (Physics) and Mr. Way; Miss Holt, Miss Cave (Maths) and Miss Crowther are seated 6th, 5th and 2nd from the right hand end. Kneeling in front, 1st and 2nd from the left are Mr. Staniforth and Miss Paley; Mr. Siddall (PT and Sports) is at the right hand end.
I have also looked at the form "late forties" form 1B photograph. I do not think it is 1946-47 as this was the year I was in form 1B and I do not recognise myself.
John Badham

These photographs have been kindly loaned by former MGS pupil Les Adlington.
One is of the 1949/50 Under 14 football side and the other of Form 2A in 1948/49.

Back Row l to R : Mr G Siddall (games master); Brian Lowe; Keith Downing; Dave Tomkins; George Wilkes; Les Adlington; Mr H L Watkinson (headmaster). Front Row L to R : Eddie Peck; Arthur Jones; Brian Sheridan; Albert 'Snuff' Roberts (capt); Lawrie Sharpe; Keith Bambridge (later a pro winger with Rotherham United); and Brian Hope.

Form 2A : Back L to R : 'Sam' Thompson; ? Kelly; George Lee; Barrie Hutchinson; Les Adlington; Alan Gill; ? Pilkington; Tony Wild; the Proctor twins Alan and Barrie ( or probably vice versa); Joe Gibson. Middle L to R : Roy Happs; John Leeson; Sheila Chapman; Diana Bayes; Aileen Hill; Molly Plater; Margaret France; Anne Lake; Lily Senior; Bernard Beal; Brian Hope. Front L to R : Winifred Sharpe; Jean Collins; Sheila Crossland; Marian Firth; Mrs Roberts (form mistress); Olga Crookes; Irene Wakelam; Barbara Simpson; Janet Skeldon.